When you stay at 狩猎区域 Medical Center at 格林维尔, your health and comfort is our first concern. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to your nurse. You may also contact a patient representative if you have a problem. We know that life and health are your most precious possessions. We’re pleased that you have chosen one of our hospitals to care for you.


An ATM machine is located in the main lobby of 狩猎区域 Medical Center at 格林维尔 for the convenience of patients and visitors. It takes most major bank and credit cards.


During your hospital stay your diet will be prescribed by your doctor. Whenever possible, you will be able to make selections from a prepared menu. Comments and suggestions are welcomed by our dietitian. Prior to discharge, your doctor may order diet instructions for you if you are to be on a special diet at home.

Patient Representative

We hope your hospital stay will be as pleasant as possible. Problems or complaints at 狩猎区域 Medical Center at 格林维尔 can be directed to guest services at extension 1656 from inside the hospital or at 903-408-1656 from outside the hospital.


A wide variety of health and wellness literature and films are available for use by patients and families before dismissal from the hospital. Request patient education information through your nurse.

Bilingual 服务

病人形式, advance directive forms, our privacy statement and other patient information will be provided in Spanish if needed. A translator will be provided to help you and your family communicate with hospital staff if needed. Translation service is available in several languages.


Toiletries, bathrobe and slippers are the only personal items you will need for your hospital stay. 病人 may wear their own gown or pajamas unless otherwise indicated. These items can not be laundered by the hospital. Obstetrical patients should arrange for the baby’s clothes to be brought in the day they are to leave the hospital.

Personal Appliances

For safety reasons, 吹风机, 烫卷发器, radios and other personal appliances are permitted in patient areas only if inspected by our maintenance department. Request a visit from our maintenance department by asking your nurse or contacting the operator (dial 0).

Heating pads are allowed only upon doctor’s orders and will be furnished by the hospital.

Medications from 首页

If any medicine is required during your stay, your doctor will prescribe it for you. Medicines, even your regular prescriptions, should not be brought from home.


Please do not bring money, credit cards, jewelry, or other valuables to the hospital. If you have forgotten to leave valuables at home, such as jewelry you routinely wear, it can be stored in the hospital safe. The business office will give you a receipt for the items and return them when you are discharged. The hospital will not be responsible for valuables kept in your room.